Got time to move? Easy ways to be more active


Got 5 minutes? 15? 30 or more? This A3 infographic poster shows easy physical activity ideas to do as a family or by yourself with the time you have available.

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Sit Less, Move More Poster Packs (A3)

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It’s very easy to sit too much in the modern office environment and this ‘sitting culture’ of inactivity puts staff at risk of poor health. These free resources provide low or no-cost ways to encourage staff to sit less and move more.  While office workers are the focus of these resources, other workplace environments with staff who sit for long periods of time may also find these useful.

Contains 10 posters, one of each of these:

  • Stand up meetings welcomed
  • How long since last stood up
  • Walk over
  • Go extra mile
  • Easy healthy lunch
  • Feeling stressed
  • Test our stairs
  • Meetings more productive
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Uncomfortable chair